Penny Mustart

Artist's statement and description:Penny Mustart is a botanist who enjoys portraying the beauty and interest of South African plants. She uses coloured pencil and has participated in workshops in this medium by Linda Hampson, Margaret Best and Ann Swan.

Euryops (true eye) speciosissimus (most beautiful) is aptly named due to its spectacular, large flowerheads. It occurs in hot, dry areas of South Africa and is a perennial shrub flowering in early spring. After the seeds develop the shrub dies back during the dry summer months eventually resembling a dead plant with empty seed capsules protruding on long stalks. It revives again during subsequent winter rainfalls and the cycle begins again.

Strelizia reginae is a South African perennial plant that is well known world-wide where it is a popular, striking garden plant. It is shown here with the flower head drying in dramatic fashion

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