Lucia Hickman

Artist's statement and description:I was fortunate to go for a walk at Sandberg Fynbos Reserve, Elim. It is a wonderful experience as you can see fynbos in its pristine state, the owner having worked very hard over many years to clear the alien vegetation. I asked if I could have a Protea compacta bloom to paint.

The Protea compacta inflorescens or flower head was a shiny pink after a bit of rain had fallen.

I also painted the Protea repens in the Winter months, they look quite delicate on the plant but they are tough and the colourful bracts sticky. They have a sweet fragrance and are geometric in shape to draw.

I tried to capture how vibrant the colours of the Protea blooms are while still on the plant. We often see the cut flowers as they last so long, but the colours are faded.

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