Sally Arnold

Artist's statement and description:A lovely region in South Africa - at the foot of the verdant Amathola mountains, Eastern Cape - and the expanses of the Great Karoo were the childhood inspiration driving me to draw, model and paint. Nature's forms and vibrating colours were my first teachers. Specifically, the sculptural qualities of a bloom or plant are powerful incentives. Given humans' exploitative tendencies towards Nature, drawing artistic attention to exquisite symbols of our own, transient presence on Earth becomes uniquely compelling as time passes.

I studied Fine Art (majoring in sculpture) at Cape Town Technikon and the Royal Academy in Antwerp, received a Master's in Art History from Frankfurt's J.W. Goethe University and began practising art at my first studio, in Rome in 1994. A self-taught painter as of 1994, I focused on realist portraiture of flowers in oils, watercolours and coloured pencils. I am currently halfway through a distance diploma in Botanical Art with the Society of Botanical Art, United Kingdom.

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