Vicki Thomas

Artist's statement and description:Amaryllis belladonna: every year in February when the buds first appear out of the dry earth, until they reach their beautiful peak in March, these fabulous plants take my breath away. After 40 years of botanical illustration, I finally painted these, which I had grown from seed. They are so pretty that they have made their way into gardens around the world, but here in the Cape they are truly ours and signal the end of the long hot summer.

Clivia miniate var citrina: when this rare natural yellow variety of Clivia was discovered in the forest of the summer rainfall areas of South Africa and became available to gardeners it was a sensation. Since then many subtle versions of yellow have been cultivated and like me, gardeners have grown them to highlight shady areas. I look out my window at mine when in bloom and making seed and get endless pleasure from the plant. Painting it has been a way to spend more time observing its subtleties and its elegance.

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